Blogshop Philly

We had an absolute blast designing & styling the studio space for blogshop in Philadelphia. blogshop is a 2 day Photoshop bootcamp for bloggers taught by Bri & Angela of designlovefest and angela & ithyle. Here are a few images from the day by Angela and you can see the whole post here on designlovefest. To see where blogshop is headed next visit

A huge thanks to Maggpie Vintage Rentals for pulling together some great pieces and working with me on the vignettes and thanks to BHLDN for the poms and garlands! See Bri’s post for all the other contributors

PS-the fresh floral backdrop has been a huge hit, I’ve already designed about 20 new versions so if you are interested in having it at your event please get in touch!

Produce Inspiration

I’m blogging about my European adventures pretty haphazardly. You can see what my first day in Amsterdam was like here but today I’m sharing my day at the Rungis Market outside of Paris. I wrote that when I thought I would do a daily blog post but I couldn’t keep up.

If you haven’t followed along about a month ago I went to Amsterdam and Paris with a group from Flower School where I also teach. The progression of the trip was excellent, we saw flower fields, the auction and met some exporters and did a workshop with Matthew Robbins inspired by Vermeer. Then we all headed to Paris for it’s magical architecture, curated flower shops and design time with master florist Christian Tortu. Christian took us shopping at Rungis Market for the elements we would use in our designs with him. The flowers were beautiful but nothing too unusual except the African and tropical imports which were amazing. Most of the blooms were what we see here and in NY so I didn’t take many photos. Christian’s work is very varied and he was looking for unexpected elements so he brought us over to the produce building and it was amazing. These were my favorite photos from the trip because they are so graphic and I loved the merchandising and packaging of all these items we think of as commodities. They were treated just like jewels. I could definitely imagine summer dinner parties with tablescapes of produce or using these images to create color palettes for clients. Do you have a favorite non-floral element you like to design with? Sullivan-Owen-Rungis-Market-Radish
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Sullivan Owen for bhldn

Right before I left for my mind blowing trip to Europe I collaborated with Philadelphia based bhldn to create 5 floral designs to inspire 5 distinctive wedding collections from gown to table cards. Here are the floral designs along with the inspiration boards. You can see the feature here and shop each collection by clicking the collection link below each board. This was truly a dream project to work on! Sullivan-Owen-for-BHLDN-Citrus-Poppy-Wedding-Bouquet

Sullivan-Owen-For-BHLDN-BInspired-Botanic-Garden-Board click here to shop the Garden Party collection


Sullivan-Owen-For-BHLDN-BInspired-Cosmopolitan-Board click here to shop the Cosmopolitan collection


Sullivan-Owen-For-BHLDN-BInspired-TheCape-Board click here to shop the Cape collection


Sullivan-Owen-For-BHLDN-BInspired-TheVictorian-Board click here to shop the Victorian collection 


Sullivan-Owen-For-BHLDN-BInspired-Destination-Board click here to shop the Destination collection 



bhldn flower guide

When bhldn approached me about working on a floral guide I couldn’t have been happier. Though there are numerous guides on the internet they often contain incorrect names, nicknames and misinformation about various flowers so it was nice to work on a guide with not just beautiful flowers but to start a resource based on the best information we could find. You can see the guide with my spring and early summer selections here…


bhldn interview

Working with the entire bhldn creative team was a complete honor and so much fun. They noticed how much I love to talk about flowers (and talk, and talk and talk) so they did an interview with me as well! You can read it here…



Tornado Relief

The tragedy taking place in Oklahoma is heartbreaking. Whenever disaster strikes I find myself wanting to help but I am always unsure of how to do so when life also has to carry on. I’ll be donating 20% of our sales on all delivery or pickup floral orders from now until June 14th, 2013.  You can place your orders either by phone 215 964 9790 or using the online order form link below. Our hearts go out to all the victims!


Image via CNN Brett Deering/Getty Images


Utterly Engaged Issue 25

We recently designed the flowers for this charming Greenhouse luncheon designed by Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. Photos from the luncheon were just published in Utterly Engaged Issue 25. Click here to see more of this lovely afternoon. 





Holland Day One

To say that our visits today to the Flora Holland auction, a major exporter we use often at Flower School and a 100 year old lilac farm were mind blowing is an understatement. Coupled with the jet lag and too much wine at lunch, my head is literally spinning.  
Thursday is the quietest day at the auction, which means maybe 15 millions stems are sold as opposed to 20 million. The Flora Holland company is owned by the growers, over 6,000 of them. There is so much product it’s hard to photograph because its all packed together in trolleys that are wheeled in front of the buyers who rapidly purchase the lots they need at the best possible prices and thousands of stems are sold in seconds.We were given a fabulous tour by a staff member and I highly recommend a visit if you are in the flower trade.  
The logistical systems, rigorous testing for quality and vase life and the principle that the 3rd party auctioneers level the playing field for growers large and small by dictating the minimum prices based on supply and demand are completely fascinating. It also takes a lot of the romance out of flowers, they are a commodity like any other produce here. The offerings were pretty basic-hydrangea, fillers, roses, tulips but again it’s the quiet day. For the NYC florists, the big Wednesday plane loads are bought at auction Monday/Tuesday.  
Our group then crossed the street where the trolleys of flowers go via a refrigerated conveyer to the major export companies for sorting, packaging and then travel. We saw the vast cold room facility and saw all the blooms destined for the US customers. We saw thousands of perfect hydrangea, super closed peony and what seemed like millions of tulips. The exporters all test the flowers for quality as well. Our group of floral designers and enthusiastic hobbyists didn’t want to leave the cooler but we eventually had to lest we get run over by one of the hundreds of good looking Dutch guys trying to pack up orders. I did feel like I was cheating on my beloved Dutch guys on 28th St.
Our next stop was in a residential area of Aalsmeer city, the lilac and viburnum farm. I have visited some US growers and I was expecting an open couple of acres with plants. This farm is compact, efficient and a lake divides the two growing areas. A series of buildings, greenhouses and tiny canals are used for the currently growing plants while the plants that have been cut wait in small fields to be shuttled across the lake by flat boats and rested for 2 years before they will be bloomed again. The plants themselves are not dug into the ground but rather rest on beds of rich black soil and in some of the houses they are given water every hour.
Only 7 employees tend to 120,000 plants each year and each flower is sorted by hand  number of heads, stem length and quality. A machine cuts the stems to length and binds them. Then they are sleeved and sent to auction and direct exporters daily. The owner & grower grew up doing this, his grandfather started the farm and he took over from his father. It was incredibly charming and impressive at the same time. They produce over a million stems each season and rarely replace plants. Their soil comes from the lake and they graft plants to 80 year old root stock. Most surprising to me was the efficient use of space, how they can grow more in smaller houses, it takes no time to move around the property and that they only grow two types of flowers. They prefer to specialize in their plants rather than diversify crops. Together with two other farms, this groups supplies 25% of the market supply and for you florists this lilac is carried at Dutch Flower Line, Harvest, G Page, 28th Street Wholesale, DV and I’m sure Mayesh and Florabundance. I will never look at lilac the same way.
I have been fascinated with the process of flower distribution since I started designing. I sometimes feel prices are too high for some wholesale flowers but when you see the number of hands that touch each stem and move them you start to understand where the price is impacted. The standard of quality from the grower down ensures really beautiful products. We wrapped up our long day with a fabulous lunch at Restaurant De Kas which grows their own veg and herbs in greenhouses on site and an evening cocktail class using floral infusions at our lovely College Hotel. Tomorrow we buy flowers, have a workshop in a 150 year old garden filled with Dutch heirloom varieties, shop for vases and flowers for a little wedding at the Hotel that Matthew Robbins is designing for a lucky couple and a boat ride to visit the lilacs and other fields on the other side of the lake. Time to rest up.

Introducing Online Ordering

We’re so happy to announce that we will now be offering online ordering in addition to our great phone ordering experience. We know how much everyone loves to chat with us and we really do love hearing the details of who and why you’re sending flowers but we also recognize that it’s not always feasible to pick up the phone for a 10 minute chat with your favorite florist.

Soon you’ll be able to securely process your online order directly from our main navigation and we couldn’t be happier! For now you can use this link here…


We’re also available to help you send flowers around the country and internationally via a consortium of hand selected florists around the world so you’ll know you’ll be sending the same innovative, high quality flowers just like ours anywhere you need them.

Around the Studio

We just completed major construction at the studio, we got a new ceiling (yeah!). We also basically had to move out for close to 2 weeks so we spent most of this week settling back in and redoing the showroom area of the loft. Here’s a peek:

Have a great weekend everyone!