Martha Stewart Weddings..

I’m very pleased to announce that Sullivan Owen was named one of Martha Stewart Weddings Top 62 Floral Designers in their Spring issue, out now. It’s always exciting to be acknowledged for your hard work and creativity.
I’m very grateful for our clients, current and past who trusted me and my team to do our own creative, original work for your events and so I say thank you to all of you! 

Flower Magazine..

I’m very excited to share my feature in Flower Magazine for their regular “Flower Show” story. With Spring as my inspiration, this was one of the most fun shoots I’ve worked on. It didn’t hurt that I got to work with my friend Alison Conklin in my studio with our friend Amanda from Love Me Do shooting some behind the scenes video. Muppet the studio cat supervised of course.

When you’re given the option to do anything you want, it’s almost overwhelming to decide so I used these designs as opportunity to play with shape, color and vessels that I had been hoping to try or that I hope to do this coming year for clients. I hope you enjoy them!

Photos by Alison Conklin, video by Love Me Do Photography

Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-2015-Spring-Feature-Philadelphia-Wedding-Florist-Yellow Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-2015-Spring-Feature-Philadelphia-Wedding-Florist-Pink-Mauve-Branches-Peony Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-2015-Spring-Feature-Philadelphia-Wedding-Florist-Lavender-Anemone-Lilac-Plum Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-2015-Spring-Feature-Philadelphia-Wedding-Florist-Mauve-Nude-Blush-Bouquet Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-2015-Spring-Feature-Philadelphia-Wedding-Florist-Green-White-Natural-Spring

Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-April-Cover-2015 Sullivan-Owen-FlowerMagazine-ContributorsPage-April-2015

Valentine’s Day 2015..

Why mess with a good thing? You loved last year’s super simple way to make sure you get exactly the flowers you want so we’re bringing it back for 2015! We’ll be arranging your all time favorite “Champagne” palette and the all new ”Marsala” palette in our always interesting assortment of vases for Valentine’s Day!  Are you undecided? These two palettes mix very well together and will be completely unique and original. Make sure your sweetie knows what to get you for Valentine’s by saving the image and emailing it or use the share button to tweet, post or instagram your favorite palette to them.

Designs start at $100 and delivery is available all around Philly, the surrounding suburbs, and even parts of New Jersey and Delaware. Delivery to your office on Friday February 13 is preferred and you’ll get to show off just how awesome your honey is to all your coworkers! Saturday delivery is available but we’re unable to offer times for delivery and someone must be home to receive the flowers so we think Friday might be easier for everyone and kicks off the Valentine’s Day weekend! Make sure your sweetheart contacts us ASAP at 215 964 9790; we sold out early last year and expect to sell out again this year!

Champagne-Palette-Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Florist-2015 Marsala-Palette-Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Florist-ValentinesDay-2015

Lunch with Martha Stewart..

If you ever wondered if a celebrity makes their own Instagram posts, here’s proof that Martha Stewart does! I recently had lunch with Martha at her office in New York City during the American Made Summit and Martha took an Instagram of my plate prepared by Pierre Schaedelin. The moment, including the goofy face I’m making,  was captured by fellow lunch guest Justin of Woats in Ft Worth Texas. Thanks for sharing the photo Justin!


Sullivan Owen Holiday 2014..

I’m excited to offer so many new ways to help you celebrate the holidays this year. From our adorable mini trees to custom wreaths to our whole home decor services, I’ve never been more excited for a holiday season! Please get in touch at 215 964 9790 or hello at, we can’t wait to work with you!

Last December my team and some very helpful friends gathered at my home for two snowy, cold days of holiday decorating. I hope you find it as inspiring and fun as we did! Thanks so much to With Love & Embers, Maggpie Vintage Rentals and Whipped Bakeshop for all your hard work.

Happy Holidays!

Martha Stewart Weddings..

I’m very happy to share my feature in the Summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Working on this shoot at the end of last summer was a total dream come true and the team I worked with was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. Martha herself even popped into the studio when I was prepping the day before the shoot and complimented the trough design in progress. I had this whole plan for playing it cool if I ran into her but of course that fell out the window when I was face to face with her! The issue is out now through the end of summer, the images below are from the iPad edition.

Sullivan-Owen-Martha-Stewart-Weddings-Feature-Summer-Bridal-Bouquet-Philadelphia Sullivan-Owen-Martha-Stewart-Weddings-Feature-Summer-Interview-Philadelphia Sullivan-Owen-Martha-Stewart-Weddings-Feature-Summer-Rose-Bar-Philadelphia Sullivan-Owen-Martha-Stewart-Weddings-Feature-Summer-Centerpiece-Philadelphia



SO x Poseybooth + Friends..

Poseybooth, Rabbit Rabbit Crew and I recently got together with Love Me Do Photography & Lovely Bride Philly to have some fun and shoot a whole bunch of photos. I’ll share photos and Amanda’s video of my gown inspired bouquets in the new few weeks but today we’re revealing the 3 floral backdrops I designed exclusively for Poseybooth.

Any color combo is possible and there are prices for every budget. To get one for your event is super simple. Just get in touch with the team at Poseybooth to book your booth package and let them know which style you’re interested in. They’ll take care of the details and we’ll make you a fabulous floral photo booth! Bonus points if you can say that 3 times fast.

Sullivan-Owen-Poseybooth-Floral-Backdrop-Photobooth-2 Sullivan-Owen-Poseybooth-Floral-Backdrop-Photobooth-3 Sullivan-Owen-Poseybooth-Floral-Backdrop-Photobooth-4 Sullivan-Owen-Poseybooth-Floral-Backdrop-Photobooth-5 Sullivan-Owen-Poseybooth-Floral-Backdrop-Photobooth-1

Thanks to Poseybooth, Rabbit Rabbit Crew, Kerri Fawley Hair, Brynn, Love Me Do Photography, Lovely Bride Philly and Ryan Shafer!


Sullivan Owen is HIRING!..

*Update* Due to a server issue, all applications received prior to Saturday May 10th were lost. Please ONLY reapply if you applied before Saturday May 10th. Applications received on or after Saturday May 10th have been received. Thank you!

Philadelphia’s most creative and rapidly growing floral design studio is looking to expand its team. There are several opportunities available for the right candidates. We will be accepting resumes via email. We will be conducting interviews quickly and making our hiring decisions fast. Please do NOT call or send additional emails about the open positions. Send a resume and cover letter, with links to your portfolio if applicable, to hello (at)  If you are a good fit, you’ll be contacted for an interview. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified when the positions have been filled. Again, we are a busy delivery studio so please do not call to inquire about the status of your application.

Studio Assistant/Delivery Driver
This is an excellent entry-level opportunity with part-time hours Monday through Friday and the occasional Saturday during wedding season. The position requires approximately 25-28 hours a week, with a schedule of 9am to 2pm during the week and the possibility of some Saturday hours. Ideal candidate must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record and be comfortable driving in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Daily tasks include processing bulk flower orders, order taking, packaging orders for delivery, ringing up sales, sending delivery confirmation emails, completing deliveries as well as light errand running, maintaining the studio, restocking shelves and supplies, and light cleaning. This is NOT a floral design position. The candidate may be considered for training for future design opportunities after a 6-month period should they prove to be a good fit.

Part-time Designer
This is the perfect opportunity for a seasoned floral designer to have a flexible schedule in a creative environment with an hourly rate commensurate with experience. The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule with some Saturday availability and a strong body of work with a versatile design style. The candidate must demonstrate design skills in a practical demonstration during the interview process. Formal design training from an accredited program is preferred. Projects might include execution of wedding orders, delivery and set-up of weddings, completing daily delivery orders during heavy weeks, and the occasional processing of bulk flower purchases. The position requires approximately 21 hours a week, with a part-time schedule of Wednesday through Friday and occasional Saturday hours during wedding season. Successful candidates will be required to sign a non-compete agreement.

Continuing Education..

Sometimes people ask me why I continue to take classes and workshops in floral design. I have always been most drawn to a designer’s process and I learn the most when I can watch them assemble a design in front of me. I’ve taken dozens of classes with florists, some of whom are now my peers. I’ve taken some lesson away from each experience whether it’s a small technical tip or a life changing view of a color or flower that I had previously overlooked.

It’s so easy to fall into a familiar style of design when you do it day in and out but in order for our clients to want something new, we have to show them something new. I’m grateful that earlier this year I was able to take 3 very important classes with designers that I admire and that have informed my career in various ways.

In February, my friend Christian Tortu came to Flower School New York to teach a class that he had never taught before on wedding design. He showed us images of some of his weddings that no one will ever see due to exclusivity or privacy and then we made two designs, a bridal bouquet and centerpiece. The techniques I took away from the day are firmly in my back pocket for future practice as I learn to make his techniques my own. It was a lovely experience and he is truly a wonderful teacher. This was my 6th time studying with Christian and I was inspired in part to write this post because I used a technique he taught me 18 months ago just last week for the first time!
photos by Flower School NY & Sullivan Owen 

In early March, Charles Masson taught his first master class in quite a while at Flower School NY and I was able to attend. A photo of one of Charles’ designs used to hang on the wall at the Tudor City location of Flower School NY and when I went for my very first class I was so charmed by this design. The design was so charming, slightly disheveled and imperfect but clearly thought out and composed. That picture came to symbolize what I wanted to find in myself, my own style of design that blended all these aspects of designers that I admired. Charles was the only master designer at Flower School who was left on my wish list and I was so happy to meet him and make a design reminiscent of that photo I fell in love with 5 years ago.Charles-Masson-Flower-School-NY-Sullivan-Owen-2
photos 1 & 2 Flower School NY, photo 3 Sullivan Owen 

In mid March, my friend Jennie and I had a fabulous day studying with Shane Connolly. I’m happy to say that the designer who did the wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge is completely charming, amazingly talented and incredibly humble. We made a bridal bouquet and centerpiece during the full day class. We  learned so many new techniques and also met some great designers!
photos by Flower School NY & Sullivan Owen 
It seems like almost every floral studio offers classes these days and while I do think it’s great that there’s so much interest in floral design, as a very experienced “student” one of my biggest takeaways is this: The design that you make in class is to teach you that designer’s technique. That design does not become “yours” just because you put the flowers together. The teacher in fact did the design for you when they chose the flowers, the vase and the skill they wanted to teach. To grow as a designer and to truly learn you must take these techniques and practice them until they become your own. And practice some more. What I admire most about the 3 gentlemen I studied with this year is that their designs are completely original and their own. That is what we should all aspire to as designers.

Real Wedding..

Spring has sprung (sort of) here and we’re getting ready for the start of wedding season. One of my favorite venues in Philadelphia is the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. We’ve done some amazing weddings at “The Hort” with the Starr Events team so while we’re looking forward to an awesome 2014, it’s nice to look back at Simone & Rich’s beautiful wedding from November. Enjoy!
floral & event design: Sullivan Owen, photos: Darker Shades of Brown, cake: Whipped, venue: Starr Events at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park, coordination: Truly You EventsSullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-Bridal-Bouquet-2I was incredibly proud of Simone’s bouquet, sometimes the floral palette just comes together in a way I couldn’t possibly predict and it’s even better than I imagined it! Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-Bridal-Bouquet-1Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-5Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-Bridal-Bouquet-3Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-2Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-3Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-4Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-Whipped-CakeThe gorgeous cake by Whipped featured edible rose petals we sourced and fresh floral added on site. It was a fun and tasty collaborative process!Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Horticulture-Center-Wedding-1