flowers in her hair…

We recently designed a few floral pieces for our gorgeous bride Katie. Katie requested a “Pippa” style hair piece that she could wear with her hair half up and the result is so beautiful. Katie also requested a show stopping piece for her too cute for words flower girl. It’s impossible not to squeal when you see the photo of her!

Here are a few stunning photos from the always amazing Heidi of Our Labor of Love.

4 Responses to flowers in her hair…

  1. Susan says:

    That is so beautiful, it looks as if it just was placed there form a garden…lovely.

  2. completely stunning – as always!

  3. Heather says:

    Unreal! When I get married, I want you to come to Portland to create the most beautiful flower creations for my hair and wedding!

  4. These are really spectacular floral pieces! Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in the color combination of pinks and navies, they’re perfectly complementary and the feather accents, in my opinion, make the flower girl’s arrangement all the more whimsical.

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